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Kris Angelis

"I’m glad you said 'among' because there are several! "Not My Fault" from my album The Left Atrium is very personal and was cathartic in a
forgiving way about an unrequited love. 

The lyrics are as if I'm talking to that person, but the song is also a love letter to myself, telling myself that it’s not my fault."
Which of your songs is among the most
meaningful to you, and why?
Clay Mills

"My co-writers and I had the idea to write "Fall"
(Clay Walker) for all the single moms out there struggling to pay bills and raise families. 

Each time I play it at a show, someone comes up to me afterwards to tell me a story of how that
song got them through a difficult time, from caring for a sick loved one to living through divorce. That​ means the world to me."
Rebecca Loebe

"Definitely 'Weeping Willow.' It was really challenging to write about how to love someone with a traumatic past, but it felt like an important message to share. 

Sometimes we can’t make everything all better for the people we love; sometimes the best we can do is promise to hold their hand."
Jay Stott

"I would choose 'The Road Leads to You.' The feeling of being called to pursue something, even if it’s difficult or leads to tragedy, really resonates with me. 

To me the speaker of the song is a musician (of course), but I hope the idea of having a calling, or an obsession, resonates with many folks."
Fiona Culley

"I wrote 'Better Alone' after a friend told me about a guy she was hanging out with who was completely rubbish and not good for her. She said it was better than being alone.

This struck a chord in me because I feel like
everyone at some point has hung out with somebody they shouldn’t for the wrong reasons…"
Lynz Crichton

"'Back Together” was the first song I wrote after having a fifteen-year break from music, writing, and flexing my creative muscle. It has been the most successful song from the EP, enjoyed by
people all over the world, but above all
it was written about my children, who
literally did put me Back Together."

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Trinity Wiseman

"I think that 'Nowhere' conveys a very important message to everyone in a toxic relationship. This song was written for one of my very best friends who I hoped would draw strength from
the song. Ultimately, I hope this song inspires people to love themselves as much as they love their significant other."

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Matt Fawcett

"Choosing your most meaningful song is like choosing your favorite child. Right now it’s the song “Traded It All”. It’s hard to give things up, but doing so can put a new spin on life. We have a lot of choices in life and ultimately the best was trading my rags for God’s riches, which is the final picture in the song."

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