"VALENTINE SONG" (original)

I wrote and recorded this lighthearted ditty many years ago. My original intention was to take the letters of "VALENTINE" and begin each line with one of those letters, as they did in the classic song "L-O-V-E". My first draft adhered to that premise but I changed a few lines to ones I liked better. It at least made for an effective idea starter.

The song mentions female heartthrobs of the day, including Farrah Fawcett and Bo Derek, which tells you how long ago this was written! 
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"BE MY VALENTINE" (jingle)

While we're on the subject, this was also written with a similar idea, focusing on the letters in "VALENTINE".  A greeting card company had me do a few :60 or less jingles for different occasions, and this was my Valentine's Day offering.