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Gary recently had the great pleasure of narrating the autobiography of Ken Osmond, better known as the infamous Eddie Haskell on Leave It to Beaver.

Co-star Jerry Mathers called him "the best actor on the program, because he was so diametrically opposed to the character he played." A devoted husband, father and patriot, Ken is a man who's been forever shadowed by Eddie Haskell, but whose own life was even more amazing than the character he portrayed.

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In this audiobook, you'll learn lots of information on how to come up with potential topics for your book. Of course, these aren't just ordinary topics but topics that are timelyl and make money. You'll also learn the various tools you can use online to help you on your way.

Part of the Smart Reads series of instructional books.

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Written by Steven Kozak, narrated by Gary Fearon.